Once upon a time,

Mommy made five year old Ruthie put the bunny rabbit away in his cage. Ruthie did not want to do so, but Mommy made her. Ruthie reluctantly heaved up the cardboard box containing the bunny. She carried him through the dusk, across the deck, through the yard, up the big hill, and into the garden right next to his cage. She plopped the box down on the mixture of dirt and bunny poop beside the cage’s wooden post. The open cage door was blowing in the wind, making creaking noises. Ruthie closed it tightly, and locked it. Then she walked away. “You stay there!” she yelled over her shoulder, to the abandoned bunny in a box. Ruthie did not want to put the bunny away in its cage.

The next morning, the bunny was not in its cage, nor was it in the cardboard box. It was running through the yard, and was eating Mommy’s strawberry plants. Ruthie was very sad. “Why didn’t Bunny listen to me and stay in his box?” she thought. Mommy was very confused. “How did Bunny get out of his cage? The door was still locked..” she thought. Bunny continued to hop around the yard for the next week. Mommy and Ruthie tried to catch Bunny by using traps they made with boxes, sticks, string and carrots, but their efforts were to no avail. After a week, Bunny disappeared for forever.

Moral: Listen to Mommy


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