Let’s Get Together (yeah yeah yeah)


It’s amazing how going through difficult times with people can bring you so close. I always feel a special bond with people I do tough workouts with, or with whom I have little arguments to work through. When I was a ballerina, the days we had rehearsals all day long were the days we felt the most togetherness. Today, when I had my CPR training class from 9am until 3:30, I felt pretty darn close to my fellow sufferers in the class! (It wasn’t actually that bad, it justs lasts forever and I get really low blood sugar). At the beginning of the day, we were all strangers; by the end of the day, we were joking around and talking about our personal lives. I wonder if it was partially histeria… anyways I felt pretty close to them, even though I probably won’t see most of them again. I have already faced so many difficult situations, and fun times ( it can’t be ignored that fun experiences bring you close to people as well) with my closest friends, and I truly think we will become closer and closer as we experience more together. I cannot fathom how much of a bond there must be between those who face truly truly difficult situations together: those who fight in wars together, a family who loses a child, groups of people who are persecuted.

I wonder where this feeling of closeness comes from.. Is it common experience? Is it the fact that you all have something to complain about, joke about, or remember together? Is it because everyone is facing some common enemy; you are on the same side of the battle? I do not really know…

Life in general is a pretty difficult situation to be honest.. Everyone gets on the strugglebus sometimes. We all have to make decisions. We all have responsibilities. We have all been hurt. I think it can be said that all people have a special bond; we all have a common difficult experience known as life. We’ve all had good times, laughs, and friends.

I have a theory that each individual can relate to each other individual in some way. Now I just have to find that relateableness to folks when I’m having an awkward “not much to say” conversation, or when I don’t want to have a conversation with someone in the first place because they seem so different than me (or because I’m a grumpus).


What say you?

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