This one has a lot of parentheses because I am excited. FALL BREAK ’13 BABY!


Tomorrow marks the beginning of my fall break. My bags are pretty muched packed, my homework is “done” (not really, but  I cannot figure out how to do some of it), and I am sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of hot, peppermint tea. I do beleive it is the time to write about how excited I am for fall break, and what all is planned to occur.

I am so excited for fall break!! Not only am I looking forward to not having school for an extra day (yes, just one extra day for me folks), and the fact that I won’t have labs next week (HOORAH!), but I am aslo really looking forward to who I’m seeing and what I’m doing. Forget the whole “rest” aspect, because if we’re honest, that ain’t happening! Tomorrow, after a short and supposedly fun organic chem lab, I am driving  to my Aunt Marthas house in Spartanburg where I will meet up with my parents, Vilai, and of course, my Aunt Martha! Now if this was the end of the plan for fall break, I would still be super content and happy and excited! My parents, Vilai, and my Aunt Martha! Such fun and great people that I have not seen in a while! My Aunt Martha is so hospitable and sweet and wonderful, and I am overjoyed that we are meeting at her house! 

Some fun facts about Aunt Martha:

1. This summer, Aunt Martha let Autumn and I spend the night at her house on the night before Warped Tour in Charlotte. She had to take a really tough exam that evening, but she welcomed Autumn and I into her home anyways. (She passed, and we celebrated in Greenville by the way).

2. Aunt Martha is my dad’s twin sister, but you would never guess because she looks way younger than him! (Sorry Dad!)

3. Aunt Martha makes delicious white chicken chili

We are planning on spending the night with Aunt Martha on Friday night. I don’t know what all we will do whilst in Spartanburg, but whatever it is I’m sure we’ll have a good ol’ time… Or atleast my version of a good ol’ time, which involves just looking around at everyone and smiling a lot.

On Saturday, Vilai, my parentals and I are making the trek up to Berea, Kentucky! Why? To see my lovely sister Katie, my  “cool professor” brother-in-law Nick, and my two nephews Brogan and Declan of course!! I am so, so excited to go see them. This will be the first time I’ve seen their new home up in Berea; Nick started professoring there this semester.

Two months is a long time not to see your sister and brother-in-law. It is a very long time not to see your 10 month and 3 year old nephews. I love them all equal, but kids grow freaking fast! If I wait too long in between visits, they will grow up and I will miss it! That would be oh-so sad.. The other day I almost had an episode in the Salvation Army, because I was holding up a shoe that I thought was Brogan’s size, and I could not beleive how big it was. “Katelyn, just imagine how large the boy must be who would fit in this shoe! He can’t be that big, he can’t.” 

Anyways, I’m pretty sure I could do a whole entire blog post on each and every person I’ve mentioned so far. Long blog posts. I could do a whole blog post on all the wonderful visits I’ve had with Katie, starting from when I was around nine and was visiting her in her college house. But, I will spare any readers from such a long read, and I will spare myself from staying up rediculously late tonight.  Maybe sometime I’ll have time to write a couple of them.

For now just know that: Katie is awesome and is my role model and friend (I used to lick her face and she’d make me cry, but we’re cool now). Nick is a super cool guy and is an amazing dad. Brogan my curious nephew with a huge imagination (and he’s super sweet, and was a really good form of birth control). Declan is the sweetest most chubby and well behaved, good-natured baby ever. My mommy is so great and beautiful and independent and funny. My daddy is loving, and embarassing, and super-cool, and a really great guy. Vilai is a wonderful boyfriend, who is kind and loving and has a really good memory. And I have already made it clear that I think my Aunt Martha is the “Shiz”.

So obviously, I am looking forward to this weekend with lots of excitement, because I get to spend it with these lovely people. I plan on taking pictures and kissing babies and playing games and all sorts of stuff! WOOHOO!!

Something I have realized about myself: The ammount of parentheses I use is directly proportional to my excitedness.


What say you?

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