This is what happens when you brag that you haven’t been sick in two years..


Bananas, soup, club crackers, gingerale, Gatorade, and a bagel. This is what I’ve eaten the past two days.. “Wow, Ruth! Your diet certainly is odd for a nutritionist!”.. Nah, I usually eat a lot more veggies than that and a lot less caloric drinks; I’ve been sick. There stomach bug bus has been going around, and I’m afraid I was a passenger. I’d been feeling it coming every morning since Wednesday, but I just tried to write it off as too much breakfast. Friday night though, after watching the best movie ever with Katelyn (Forrest Gump), the sickness caught up with me.

When I get sick, I don’t tell anyone about it. I hide away until it’s over. I don’t want to make anyone take care of me, feel sorry for me, deal with my mess. The last thing I want to be is a burden. But I ended up with some care takers this time around, and I am extremely grateful for it.

From eleven until two on Friday I was puking every half hour. Well, by two it was more like dry heaving. My body wanted to be completely empty. I’m struggling with how to write all this in a classy and non-disgusting way… I was getting really de-hydrated, and I couldn’t keep the water from the sink down. At two I found myself wandering into the kitchen. I don’t know why I thought water from the kitchen would be any different; I think I really just wanted help, and still havent admitted it to myself.

There had been a HotRod watching party at midnight in my apartment on Friday, which I was extremely sad to miss. HotRod is pretty darn hilarious. Everyone was still up because the movie had just finished. Brandon and Kyser were still over. I remember that Kyser apologized for being loud and I said “Oh it’s fine.. I’ve been up anyways. I’m sick.” And from that point, my friends took care of me. People are astounding. “Ruth, when stuff like this happens you have to tell us, okay?” Katie said, and then she poured me one of her cans of Sprite. It’s amazing how well clear carbonated drinks settle on an upset stomach. Brandon, Kyser, and Jen went to the store to buy me Gingerale, and Peptobismol. I only threw up once more that  night.

I slept on the couch that night, and Brandon and Kyser stayed over to look after me. Brandon on an uncomfy futon, and Kyser on a recliner that doesn’t lean back all the way. Neither of them had blankets; I’m a bad hostess when I’m sick. I know they were very uncomfortable, and there was literally nothing more they could do for me, but they stayed anyways.. And I’ll admit, it was very comforting knowing they were there. “No man left behind” they say. This from the same guys that changed my car battery for me a few weeks ago.. I am very grateful for them!

I’m learning that sometimes people like to help. People like to feel needed, and I’ll admit that sometimes I really need people’s help. I’m not good at fixing my car. Sometimes I have to ask for directions. (Okay, that’s a lot of times). I had no clue what you do when you’re sick. I haven’t had the stomach bug since Valentine’s day in the third grade!! I think sometimes I hurt people’s feelings when I try and rely completely on myself and do not accept their help. Heck, I know it, because they’ve told me. It’s odd to think that in my desire to not be a burden on folks, I make them feel sad and unneeded.

This summer when Abbie and I had our jet ski incident (story for another day), I made fun of Abs for being like a guy in that she doesn’t like to ask others for directions. If that’s not a case of pointing out the spec of dust in your brothers eye while you’ve got a plank in your own, then I don’t know what is! I’m exactly the same! The idea of being completely self-reliable, powerful, and unneedy is very appealing to me. But the fact of the matter is, that is not how I am to live. Everyone is made different, and we all have to rely on each other. It is better for both a cow farmer and a brocolli grower if they do some trading. (Sorry for the odd example). As the body of Christ we lift each other up and help each other with our gifts, and as Christians we completely rely on Jesus daily.

So to quickly finish off my sicky story, even more people were so great and helped care for me. Chaela came over yesterday, and with the help of her mommy on the phone, we learned what I should eat! To be completely honest, I thought you just ate nothing at all the next couple days after being sick to your stomach. Shows how much I know. Katelyn let me eat one of her bagels, and then her and Chaela went to the store and bought me club crackers, soup, and Gatorade! What sweeties they are! Chaela and Bekah even sprayed the apartment (and me) down with Lysol for us, and brought vitamin C to strengthen everyone’s immune system!

Grateful for people. Grateful for Jesus :))). Grateful I was sick on the weekend and didn’t have to miss any school (I am such a nerd). Going back to bed now.


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