All the Memories


“I wish I had a greater capacity for memory.”  Says I.

“What do you mean?” Says Autumn.

“I mean it’s been a great weekend; Right now is great, but I’m not going to remember it.” Says I.

“If you write about it you can. Write a blog post.” Says Autumn.

And so I shall…

Life is so full of those moments. Those moments you wish would never ever end. That you wish you could live in forever. So many people, including myself at times, spend so much of their time and energy trying to recreate those moments by going to the spot of a special memory or recreating situations and scenes. But no matter how hard we try, a memory can never be relived to perfection.

When I went to a Fun. concert with Autumn last spring, I wanted them to keep playing forever and ever. When Katelyn, Abs, and I  went to visit Chaela in Anderson a few wednesdays ago, I wanted to stay in that grass field drinking coffee and talking to my dear friends for all eternity. Vilai and I went to Madison, Ga to visit his aunt, uncle, and cousins and to go to a concert. We went to downtown Madison with his family, and I wanted to stay there in that cute town with him and his wonderful family forever. A couple weeks ago Hosanna and I had a study party and I wanted to glue myself to her apartment. Last weekend I had lunch with my parents and grandparents, and I wanted to sit and listen to my grandpa talk until my ears fell off. I can never ever have enough time with my sisters, their husbands, or my nephews. Life is so full of those moments. There are so many more that I am not mentioning now, because it would take me forever, some of them are personal, and many of those moments are lost to my recall. The funny thing is that if we lived in just one of these moments, then we couldn’t go on to experience more.

This weekend was one of those moments I would like to hold onto for forever. To pull out of my pocket and relive whenever I’m feeling sad or bored or sentimental.

Autumn came up to Clemson on Friday to spend the weekend at the apartment with us. We spent the weekend playing games, tailgating, hiking, eating, drinking warm drinks, baking cookies, chatting, and just chilling out. If you have never played the game “Quelf”, I highly recommend it. It is absolutely hilarious.  It’s one of those games where everyone acts absolutely rediculous and it’s super funny and awesome (Vilai said it sounds like a dirty game, and for some reason the name sounds kind of dirty to me too, but it’s not. It is good, clean fun!). When I think of our playing that game this weekend, I just get this wonderful scene of Katelyn in my head. She has a fuzzy green and pink sock puppet on one hand, one finger in her ear, a thumb in her mouth, and one eye closed.

“Can you use tin foil to wrap around the light, and cut holes in it to make stars?” she asks.

I hope this is one of those memories that stays in my mind forever. I hope this is one of those odd things I repeat over and over to visitors at my nursing home someday.

Our hiking trip was pretty memorable as well. The three of us drove up to Table Rock national park in Autumn’s new car. She saw her very first black and white cow on the way. That sort of thing does not happen twice. We hiked to short creek trail, because we didn’t have time to do the complete trail. Someday I would love to hike all the way to the top! The creek trail was very fun though.. Very beautiful. I got to slide  on my butt down rocks in the creek! An older lady told me I was brave: “brave or crazy”. That made me feel pretty cool. We saw a mushroom that looked just like the mushrooms on Mario, complete with white stem and red cap! Katelyn thought it was pretty cute. I hiked half of the trail barefoot, and pretended like I was one of the Native Americans that used to live in that area. We met a nice couple who have a son that goes to Clemson. They showed me pictures of him. He looks really familiar. Next time I see “Joey” walking around, I’ll have to say hello.

On the way back from table rock we stopped by bald rock. Bald rock is exactly what it sounds like. It’s this huge area on the mountainside that is completely “bald”. There are no trees, and the view is beautiful. People have spraypainted all over it, and it’s pretty interesting to read what they have written. Some of it’s crude of course, but some of the grafitti is cute, such as prom invitations, proposals, paintings of flowers. There was a “photoshoot” of sorts going on while we were there. This guy had a black umbrella with rainbow colored netting attached to the top. He was doing some very interesting poses with this prop, and these other two people were taking pictures of him. The camera looked very professional. We took some creeper-pictures of this interesting display. Katelyn and Autumn thought he was getting senior photos. I thought he was a magician getting pictures for his business cards.

If you know this man, or are this man, please let me know what this was for... The curiosity is killing me!

If you know this man, or are this man, please let me know what this was for… The curiosity is killing me!

There was more to this weekend than those three events of course. We ate at “Asian Delight”, which looks sketchy on the outside, but is classy, delicious, and cheap in actuality. Katelyn and Autumn kindly listened to me play my ukulele. I stole some pictures I have been wanting a while from Autumn’s phone. We had a wonderful time hanging out with friends at a tailgate on saturday. But Quelf, our hike, and bald rock are what stick out most to me  for some reason.

This weekend was great. This weekend will never happen again. But isn’t that what makes it special? What makes it so wonderful? What makes it worth remembering? So many great things have happened in life so far, and I am super grateful for them. Every experience in my life, God let occur for a reason, and has used to shape me. I don’t have to look at the past and be sad, wishing for the back then when “times were good”. If I had stayed in highschool forever, I never would have gone to Clemson and met the wonderful folks here. If I decided to never leave my sister’s side and to live with her forever, then I would never be able go to Vilai’s house for dinner with him and his mom. If I lived forever at the Marbert beach house, then I would never get to go to concerts with Autumn. Yes, the past has been wonderful. Praise the Lord! But I can also look forward to the future and what else is in store. I am still friends with, and love, and pray for those whom I have a past with, but our relationships can continue to grow and change. We don’t have to be defined by our pasts either.  I can be grateful for the past, for right  now, and for the future that God has for me and for us all. Every day is unique and a gift, and I want to live with eyes wide open and to fully experience  and learn fromeach moment.

“Where you are, be all there.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to drink some refreshing water, play my ukulele, and talk to my boyfriend on the phone. I’m excited. We will have a conversation that we have never had and will never have again, and that’s what makes it so exciting.


What say you?

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