My New Toy


I have just recently aquired a new toy. It’s a ukulele. My wonderful boyfriend, Vilai, gave it to me this weekend. He knew I wanted to learn how to play, and I don’t think he was opposed to the idea himself. He’s a musician, so having a girlfriend who is interested in music is considered a plus. I have been hooked since the moment I got back to my apartment monday night, and started strumming a C chord. It is so fun to play! My fingers don’t hurt like they did when I tried to learn to play guitar. I’m definitely not good at it yet, but I can see potential. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I badly need to work on strum patterns and transitioning between chords and all that jazz, but it’s been great and satisfying to learn. There is something extremely wonderful about being able to reproduce your favorite songs.

I must admit, I feel pretty sorry for poor Katelyn, who has to listen to my constant playing and singing. I’ve pretty much been playing it whenever I have the chance. I hope I haven’t distracted her too much from her homework. I’ve certainly been distracted from my own work. Who wants to learn physics when you can play an instrument instead? I’m sure there are some people who would, but I am not one of them! (No worries everyone.. I know my work is my duty, and I still plan on doing it and doing it well.)

I am so excited to be able to play my favorite songs when I want to, and not have to rely on others knowing them! Soon my friends and I will be able to sing “Hey Soul Sister” to the sound of my Uke. “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson? Yeah.. That’s gonna happen. Soon I will be able to sit in a feild of wild flowers and play “You Are My Sunshine.” These thoughts make me very happy. I am also very excited to “jam” with people. I’ve never been in a jam session before. That just sounds so cool to me. “What are you doing tonight, Ruthie?” “Oh nothing, just jamming with my friends.” (Tonight is my very first one with my buddy Brandon! We are going to rock the apartment!! If that’s possible with two ukuleles…). I’m so excited to eventually be able to write songs that not only have lyrics, but have chords and strum patterns as well! I’m excited to play and sing with Vilai, who gave me this fun new thing to learn and play with. Let’s see how much I can learn before I see him in a few weeks, shall we?

I need to come up with a good name for my new toy.. I would take suggestions, but that’s one of those things one likes to do on her own. I’m sure a name will come in due time.

If anyone wants to “jam” with me, or teach me neat stuff, just let me know!


What say you?

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