I Am Supergirl, and I Am Here To Save The World… With My Blood!


I like to give blood. Let’s be honest here. I have no job, and I make no money. I don’t have very much to physically give people. Sometimes I feel like I don’t benefit society much with my presence. But God did give me one gift to share, my O negative blood! Just in case you didn’t know, O negative is the universal blood donor. My body is a blood making machine, and I am happy to share the wealth. Three good reasons I love to give blood:

1. They say you save lives. To be honest, it doesn’t necessarily feel like you are doing anything important when you give, not to me anyways. I have never actually met any of the people my blood has helped “save”. But just because you don’t always get that heroic feeling, doesn’t mean that what you are doing is not important.

2. My mommy has always given her blood, and I wanna be just like my mommy. I can remember being a little kid sitting in the blood drive bus, watching my mom give her blood away. She has always given her blood regularly. She feels it’s her duty as an eligable O negative donor to give her blood. I feel that same sense of responsibility now. The main reason I started giving blood in the first place, was so I could tell my mommy all about it and make her proud.

3. You get to meet really cool people! The people who take your blood are usually really neat. Today I met this guy from Savannah, GA. He’s divorced with two kids, and has really cool tats and peircings. We talked about coconut oil, food, and how awesome Savannah is on St. Patty’s day. I have no clue what his name is, but maybe I will meet him again someday. He’s a nice fellow.

Extra bonus reasons: Katelyn gets a free shirt, and I get free snacks! I pay for my own food now, so this is quite a big deal. (today I got Keurig coffee :D).

Giving blood is definitely not right for everybody, and I am not saying it is something everybody needs to do. Everybody has their own ways of serving, and this is one of my ways. I totally encourage anyone who thinks they might want to try it though! It’s a great experience and it gets easier every time!


What say you?

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