Pumpkin Coffee, There’s Just Something About It.


I am pretty excited right now. Why you ask? I am excited because tomorrow I am planning on going to Dunkin Donuts and drinking pumpkin coffee with a couple of my bestest buds. The anticipation is killing me. I feel like a shook up snowglobe, like a bee who just discovered a huge rose garden!

Senior year of high school, my friends and I first discovered our deep love for going to Dunkin Donuts. We loved the coffee, the pink tables outside, and each others company. So of course we started going three times a week. Medium hazelnut coffee for me please!

But when college happened, the excessive donuting had to come to a stop. We were too far apart. Some of us got more “responsible” with our money. Skipping classes to drive hours to each other’s colleges to drink coffee three times a week just didn’t seem like a smart thing to do.

An interesting thing has happened with this absence of Dunkin. I no longer like the taste of the coffee. It is too weak, and it has a funky after taste. Perhaps my tastebuds have matured just like the rest of my college kid brain (haha).

I still love going to the place despite the taste issue. It gives me that silly sentimental, light-headed, can’t help but smile feeling.  I hope you understand the feeling I am talking about. It is difficult for me to describe.  It’s that same  feeling you get when you go to your old elementary school, or the family beach house you haven’t been to in a while, or when you catch a whiff of the perfume your grandma used to wear.

I have changed a lot in the past couple years, but Dunkin Donuts has stayed the same. It is a tie to the past. Maybe that’s why I like it so much.

— Very very off topic side note: I know that Dunkin Donuts will probably change it’s crappy coffee formula at some point in time. They’ll change their menu. They will probably get overrun by Krispy Kreme at some point in time, because let’s admit it; they have better food. God is the only one that is truly steady, consistant, and unchanging. I place my hope in Him and worship Him, not Dunkin Donuts. It is sad when you have to remind yourself that you worship God, and not Dunkin Donuts… Maybe I have issues.—

You may now understant part of why I am so excited for Dunkin Donuts today. But wait, there is a part 2! Don’t worry, this part 2 is just as good as part 1.

Tomorrow, not only do I get to go to one of the best places ever, go with two of my best friends (four? Abs and Leath, ya’ll should come!), but I also get to drink PUMPKIN coffee. Which unlike all of the other flavors, I actually like. Icky coffee can be made pretty good with pumpkin flavor syrup, spices, cream, and sugar! I get this delicious treat every fall, so for me, tomorrow symbolizes the start of a new season! Told you part 2 was just as good 😉

so here’s to the future, to Dunkin Donuts, to Jesus, and to the little things!


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