Lately I have been trying to decide whether I’m introverted or extroverted… Why I spend my time sitting around contemplating my own self instead of getting to know others or doing something else productive, I don’t know. I’ve heard it said that if you “recharge” around other people you are an extrovert, and if you recharge alone you are introverted. I think that definition is way too simple! Sometimes I get energy from other people, from talking, from going to parties, or hearing about other’s lives. Other times I get energy from a nap, or cooking the meal I want to eat, or having the house to myself so I can dance in the living room to loud music. Does this make me a mixtrovert? Maybe it just makes me a human being, a real and unique person who cannot be defined by the categories and groups we try and shove everyone into.

Katelyn has been reading this book called “Quiet” (atleast I think that’s what it’s called). It’s about being an introvert, how it’s looked at as a negative in our society, but really introverts are a really important and misunderstood group of people. Katelyn has no doubt that she is introverted. Poor thing, I talk about her in every blog post. Anyways, this book Marb is reading says that introverts react strongly to stimuli, and that’s why introverted people might feel more uncomfortable in certain situations, with new people, or have issues with new scenery. This definition doesn’t really help me define myself either. Sometimes I am as chill as a cucumber smokin’ a joint, and other times I am as anxious as a squirrel who’s lost his nuts.

This week I’ wasdown in Florida, catsitting for my sister. I am loving it to be honest. I’m by myself. I can eat whatever I want, watch whatever I want, sleep whenever I want. I’ve watched three seasons of How I Met Your Mother. That’s 60 episodes folks. I’ve also painted a bedroom, and pulled all the weeds in the backyard. It was a jungle. It’s kind of lonely though, with no company but a cat. Today was wonderful because I went to see my friend Chandler, and we got to talk and go to the beach. I have missed human interaction. Tonight my sister comes home, and I can’t wait to be honest. So introvert or extrovert? The world may never know. Who cares really anyways? I am still me, no matter how we categorize it.

There is no real closing, or conclusion of this post. It’s a random reflection, and I just don’t know. So now that I have finished my reflecting, I’m going to shower and watch tv by myself, and then eagerly await the return of my sister and her husband.


What say you?

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