Chipmunk Don’t Care


Setting: Hot summer day, Charleston South Carolina, Food Lion parking lot, inside a cute little black Saturn named Elvis.

Story: Sweat pours down my swollen face. I turn the AC dial on full blast, but the warm air still circulates slowly. I have been sitting inside Elvis for the past fifteen minutes.  Katelyn must be having a huge dilemma deciding which flavor of ice cream to get. Black splotches block my vision. A queasy lightheaded feeling overcomes me .I should have gone inside in the first place to help Katelyn with the groceries. I knew it was going to get hot in the car. But I stay firmly planted in Elvis and wait for Katelyn to finish shopping. Why? Because I look like a chipmunk and I’m embarassed!! Two days ago my wisdom teeth got chopped out. It looks like I stuck a tennis ball in my left cheek. I am not about to be seen in public like this even if it means I have to sit in a hot car ’till I pass out.

Moral: I care way too much about what I look like and what people think of me.


What say you?

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