5 Things That Make Summer Pretty Rad


1. Driving. It is so nice to be able to just hop in my car, Elvis, and go wherever I need to go. This is a privilege I definitely took for granted in high school. My mom needs avocados from Aldi? Ruthie to the rescue! I get the urge to go to the library? I can drive myself there, and get The Help  book on tape, which is totally great btdubbs!

2.Sunshine. Sunshine on my face. Sunshine on my toes. Sunshine on my foes. Sunshine everywhere!

Something about the Sun shining down on me makes me happy and gives me energy! It’s like I can feel the cells of my body moving faster as they gain energy from the rays. Besides just your usual tanning, I make all sorts of excuses to go outside in the summertime. I wash cars, rake the yard, and pick up pinecones outside. And is there any reason why food should be eaten inside? I think not. Elvis’ windows are always down, and I hang my left arm out his window letting the Sunlight get to it. I have no shame blasting The Help to the whole city of Aiken.

3. Food.  I had forgotten how good real, fresh food is.  I’ve been home over a week, and I am still in shock of how well I can eat here. I love eating minimally processed food that I know has either come straight from the ground or the animal! It just feels right! My mom has lettuce, spinach, strawberries, parsley, and cilantro in our garden right now. You have no idea the joy I feel when I sprinkle the home grown cilantro on my avocado, red onion, tomato salad with lime juice.

4. Folks of all ages.  When I’m at Clemson, most of the people I interact with are college students like me, worried about college kid stuff. It’s pretty cool to come home and hang out with people at all different ages and in all different “walks of life”. There are babies and toddlers in the nursery at church. There are middle and high schoolers at youth group, all of them excited to be getting out of school soon. (Yes, Chaela and I are those weird college students that still go to youth group… we consider ourselves help.)  There are parents too, young parents, old parents, my own parents, the parents of my friends. There are older folks and grandparents, asking how college is and telling you how life was when they were your age. I guess all of life doesn’t revolve around college students… how strange.

5. Seeing friends.  Now that I am home, I have gotten to hang out with and see so many people I have missed.  Seeing and hugging everyone at church.  Driving up to Columbia with Chaela to see Hunter play a concert. Dunkin Donut nights with Chaela, Autumn, and Rachel. Randomly popping by Abbie’s house.  Baking cakes with Autumn and dancing around her kitchen like crazy nuts. Going to IHOP with Chaela, Michael, and Vilai. Bringing rainbow blondies to our old school with Chaela… Hip-hip-hooray for life! Now all I need is the rest of my family, and all my Clemson friends to come to Aiken!


What say you?

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