Last Day of Classes? Let’s Sing About Biomes!


I did it.. My last day of freshman classes are over! You know, they say that once you get to college classes get much more serious, and are not as fun. I don’t know what college “they” went to, but it definitely wasn’t Clemson. I spent my last class listening to kids sing about the earth’s biospheres… Anyways, back to the sappy sentimentalism I go!

This year passed so quickly, and I’ve definitely learned a lot. A lot about life, and a lot about myself.. (I definitely just said that because it’s very cliche and made me laugh, but I suppose it’s true).Whenever I go somewhere new, I have this doubt in my head that I will develop deep friendships with people there, but boy have I made some great friends here in Tiger Town. They don’t call it your Clemson family for no reason! There are things about this year I know I’ll miss a lot, like the veiw from my dorm or the unlimited food. I think I’ll even miss the nine flight hike up to my room! I’ll miss being in the same building as 400 other girls.. and the fact that I can use as much hot water as I want without getting charged extra!  There are plenty of other things I’ll miss too, but I won’t list anymore as I’m starting to sound a tad too whiny for my taste!

The other day I was talking to my friend Billy at this cool “Dancing through the decades” thing (I totally dressed up like a hippie but that is way beside the point). Billy is going to be a senior next year, and while we were talking he made the excited remark that he is over half way through with college. Now, most people I talk to who are going to be seniors next year are not so excited they are over half way through. It’s a tough time when they’re trying to figure out jobs, grad school, or whatever else they will do next.. They are usually anxious  about it and scared and they certainly don’t want to talk about it! So of course, being the nosy person I am, I asked Billy if it was scary to be almost done. His response? “No, I’m excited. I trust God.” Holy poop, Billy! That’s a pretty encouraging and awesome thing to hear you say!

So, I’d like to have a similar attitude as Billybob about the ending of this freshman experience.. I am excited for this summer, for my sophmore year, and for the future in general! I’m on an adventure with Jesus, and I know my destination! We’re going to spend eternity with the Lord, YESSIR! (Cue hallelujah chorus).I’m just not exactly sure the pathway we are taking  on our way there… But that’s okay. Jesus is my jungle guide. Sometimes life does not turn out the way you intend it. But I trust God!


What say you?

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