Squeeze Me Like a Lemon


So tonight after I finished my super hard Chemistry exam, I had absolutely no clue what to do with myself. All my time had been spent studying and what not.. I  never thought about what I would do with myself once it was over! So, I decided to do some easy going English extra credit: write atleast 250 words of fiction. My poor teacher is going to think I am absolutely insane… Here is what came out of my jumbled brain:

“There once was a lemon named Lilly. Lilly was the purest yellow, and she was extremely juicy, but even though she possessed such desirable qualities as these, no one dared to eat Lilly. You see, Lilly was the sourest of all the lemons. Rumor was that just one taste of Lilly would make your mouth sting and your eyes water in pain from the acidity. Only one member of the human race was willing to test the rumors. Marb was a very brave soul. Lilly had never feared being eaten, she felt safe and secure from the ravenous hunger of the humans. So, Lilly was quite surprised to find herself sliced open one Tuesday morning. Marb’s hands squeezed and twisted Lilly until impressive amounts of her sour juice filled a large bowl. Marb tossed away the remains of Lilly, her pulp and bright yellow rind. It was the challenge of the sour juice that Marb desired; the rest of poor Lilly was of no interest to her. Now Marb was not only brave, but she was also very cunning. She knew she could not survive drinking Lilly’s juice, unless she tampered with it first. Thus Marb went on a treacherous hike to the clearest of waterfalls, and collected an abundance of the cool water that pounded down from it. She also collected sugar cane syrup from the canes that grew around the waterfall. In a pitcher, Marb mixed together the pure water, the sugar syrup, and the sour Lilly juice. Then, with a deep breath and a look of pure determination, brave Marb took a large gulp of her concoction. It was delicious. Thanks to the wise and brave Marb, lemonade is now enjoyed by many humans.”

Most times when an author writes a story, there is a character the author empathizes with, someone who they relate to. In my little short story, I put myself as Lilly. You see, in my natural state I am very sour. I am prideful, grumpy, self centered, anxious, and altogether toxic to be around. But Jesus is taking me through life, squeezing me and transforming me into someone I could never be on my own. He gave me the Holy Spirit, and someday my sour disposition will be transformed into sweet deliciousness. Probably the strangest analogy ever, but hey! That’s just my brain for ya! By the way, I did name “Marb” in the story after my roommate, but that’s not because I think she’s Jesus come back in the female form or something trippy like that… Just thought I’d clear that up. Good ol’ Marb, she thought I should title this story “How The Ancient Chinese Cave Woman Discovered Lemonade”.

And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” – 2 Corinthians 3:18


What say you?

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