I Think These Pants Might Be Stinky


Yesterday was a beautiful, fall, friday here in Clemson, SC. But poor Katelyn could not spend her day enjoying the wonderful weather outside. She had an urgent duty to fulfill! It was laundry day for Manning 9C-5!

Now Katelyn was not expecting her laundry to take all day, but she was willing to devote as much time as necessary to fulfill this task! Phase one of her mission went incredibly smoothly. Clothes were thrown into the laundry machine, soaked, soaped, and spun for 20 minutes, and then BAM: clean, wet clothes. But, phase two did not go as planned. Katelyn put money and clothes in the dryer, and an hour later returned expecting to find warm, clean clothes. But alas, they were not warm and dry, but wet and clammy! Katelyn, being the persistent girl she is, was not discouraged by this hiccup in her mission. Instead, she put more quarters in the machine, and allowed the clothes go for one more round.

I would not describe Katelyn as a pessimist; she is, however, a realist. So, it was no surprise to Katelyn when she returned an hour later to find that her clothes were still the same level of soggy as before. For all you Manning residents out there, I do not recommend using the dryer on the bottom right! Now poor Katelyn had devoted much of her time and money doing laundry yesterday, all of her quarters and dollar bills in fact. She did not have enough money to switch her clothes to a different dryer and try again. I, as her loving roommate, would have given her the cash if I had any myself. But the hero of our story, Katelyn, does not give up easy.

The whole of Manning 9C-5 was converted to a clothes line last night. Laundry was hung off of closet doors, bookshelves, and headboards. T-shirts and socks were meticulously spread over the floor, and left to dry over night.

At this very moment, Katelyn, picks up each individual peice of clothing not only to make sure it is properly dry, but also to smell it and make sure it does not have a sour aroma!

Here’s to the Katelyn’s out there! Those who are patient, thorough, and set on accomplishing their goals no matter the cost.


What say you?

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