Abbie, a.k.a Poopie, The Secret Admirer



Abbie and I were in church Sunday school together when we were kids. Neither of us was the type of little girl who had matching outfits with bows or American Girl Dolls. We were both a little strange, but boy did we have fun together! At church we would spy on the boys and play Lilo and Stitch. Sometimes I’d even get invited to her house! Abbie has always been a wonderful host, she would show me all her forts and I’d help make her dogs their favorite treat, dog stewy! Eventually I went to the same school as Abbie where I got to hang out with her and her family even more often. We have stayed besties throughout all these years, and I have loved every moment spent with her!

Abbie is a beautiful, expressive, independent, and hilarious person. She can explain the smallest details with passion and intensity! I always enjoy listening to her rants on the dog she house sat for that puked and she had to clean it up, or about how she tripped on her shoelace and spilled her cup’o ramen everywhere. She is IMPOSSIBLE to wake up in the morning!  She is a great friend. I know she’s always there for me, praying for me, and caring about me. Abbie stands for what she believes in, listens to other people, and is humble enough to admit when she’s wrong. She is a wonderful singer, and a beautiful artist. I love it when abbie draws “sharpoos” (sharpie tattoos) on me or braids my hair. Abbie loves and lives for Jesus, and she loves her fellow human beings too!

I don’t always get as much time with Abbie as I’d like to, but that’s okay. The times we do have together are great, and we don’t hold grudges on one another for not making enough time. We can sing,  joke, write letters, dance around to the Beach Boys, whatever! I have good memories of washing cars, hanging out at the pool, and some serious smoothie making! We can talk for hours and hours about life and Jesus and our feelings. I can be completely honest with Abs and not worry about whether what I’m saying is appropriate or right. She tells me when I’m thinking or acting unBiblically and I do the same for her. She has got my back! She is beautiful and wonderful and I love her so so much. Sometimes I worry about her, wonder whats going on her life, and I’m constantly praying for her. I know that she is the Lords and I trust that he is shaping her and completing the good work He started in her! I will always love her, be there for her, pray for her, and look forward to the next time I get to be with her!


*Editor’s note: It’s been 5 years, and all these things are still true EXCEPT Abbie is a big girl now who has a marketing director’s position in Charlotte, NC. She somehow gets her ‘used to be impossible to wake up’ self up and to the office around 6 am.


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