Katelyn’s Comments: The One With Pigs and Redheads


My roommate Katelyn sure has a sense of humor, and a lot of times even the things she says in complete seriousness are funny!  Here are some of the hilarious things she’s said recently:

“Ruth, you need to get your vocal chords tuned!”

“I really like Stumbled Upon. It’s like a big magazine with limitless pages and pretty pictures… Like right now, I’m looking at jelly shots.”

“Hey Ruth, I bet you can’t balance this water bottle on your head! Your head’s too poky. Know why your head is so poky?… Cause you’re so sharp!”

“Guys are pigs… I’m gonna marry the best little piggy out there!”

“But Ruth! He has red hair. You know you wanna marry him… Hey! You know who you could marry? Ronald McDonald!!!”


What say you?

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