Autumn, a.k.a Spencie, The Bosom Friend



Autumn and I have lived a few hundred yards away from each other our whole lives. I didn’t become aware of this fact until the fifth grade though. Autumn’s mom was doing some engineering work at my house with my dad and she made Autumn tag along to play with me. It took a few days of this for Autumn and I to actually talk to each other, but I just remember Autumn telling me about all of her cats of the past and the various ways they died. After that a lifelong friendship followed.

I’ll admit, sometimes when you get the two of us together we are a little goofy. When we were younger we used to get on the phone and play Club Penguin together. I thought she’d never forgive me for all the times I stole her penguin boyfriends. Autumn and I do dress up competitions, play sock hockey with cat food cans, smash coconuts, make hilarious videos, and time each other to see who can crawl under my bed the fastest. Back before my parents bought nice new couches, we would use a trampoline and do flips over the back of the couch. We’ve tried to camp in our yards a few times, but we’ve only made it the whole night through once. Autumn always gets too scared. Gosh I just have so many memories with her! Building forts in her room, playing in the sprinklers in my yard, all of our terrible baking experiences… And not only are there so many fun, crazy, weird memories, but there are also the sweet and the everyday memories. Autumn and I love to go for walks, stay up late talking, and play board games. I really miss having her two seconds away. Sometimes we would just meet each other halfway in between our houses, plop our butts down by the road, talk for a while, then go our separate ways. Some school nights after ballet, I would just go to Autumn’s house, watch some TV, get fed some awesome food, and head on home. We’re comfortable around each other that’s for sure!

Autumn’s like a sister, and her family is like my family. Autumn and I can say whatever’s on our minds in front of each other. I never hesitate to tell her the truth, and she’ll tell me the truth right back. Sometimes the truth hurts to hear, but it’s refreshing and rare and I’m glad she tells it like it is.Sometimes we fight. She has been mad at me so many times! I don’t want to list all the times because I don’t want to refresh her memory, so let’s just say I’ve gotten the silent treatment plenty times. Sometimes I think Autumn is crazy! It takes her forever to decide what to wear, what shirt to buy, which meal to order, or what snacks to buy, and she feels awkward about the most rediculous things, like asking a waiter for a clean fork. I’m sure there are lots of things that she thinks are rediculous about me too though, and her funny little quirks are part of the reason I love her so much! I love that she’s indecisive, lactose intolerant, and stubborn.

Autumn is strong, beautiful, funny, and generous. She is always trying to be a better person, and help other people out! I really admire that about her. She is a hard worker, and a loving, caring friend. When I say she’s generous I mean really, really generous. She is not clingy with her money. I remember one night, we blew all of her $100 Walmart giftcard Christmas present on random junk foods to try!

I’m excited to see what adventures I’ll have with Spencie over the rest of our lives. I know we’ll be friends forever. Our relationship will probably have it’s different stages, and ups and downs, but we’ll never give up on each other. You see, that’s what it means to be bosom friends!

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose… unless you’re Ruth and Autumn”

*Editor’s Note: Ruth and Autumn actually ended up living together for a year back in college. It went a lot better than expected! Probably never again though… ❤



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