Hey! That’s MY Brownie!


What will I eat for lunch today? Is my makeup running down my face? I can’t wait to tell Katelyn about that guy whose pants fell down in class today! This seat makes my butt hurt! Oh man I have so much work to do!!! I hope Katelyn doesn’t take that really gooey cookie I want… Me. Me. Me. Me. ME!

Thoughts like these run through my head constantly. I am so self centered. It sickens me how much I think about myself, my life, and my reputation. My purpose is to glorify God, but I secretly want all the glory for myself.

Do I ever think about or pray for believers in other countries? What about the 99% of the world who are less fortunate than I am? I can barely remember to pray for my friends! I wish my heart turned to prayer as automatically as my fingers turn to typing “facebook.com” in the address bar…

Life is not about me, my comfort, or my future house on the lake with a hot stud husband,  two children, and a miniature goat pen out back. God saved me not for myself but  for His own purposes. The more I focus on God and the less I focus on myself, the happier and more fulfilled I am. The planets revolve around the Sun, the moon around the Earth. Little things are meant to revolve around big things. I am weak so that he can be shown strong.


What say you?

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