Chaela, a.k.a My Muffin


chaelaChaela and I have known each other our whole lives, but we didn’t really become best friends until our eighth grade trip to Virginia. Chaela and I shared a hotel room with the chaperone (let’s call her Miss Suzy). Miss Suzy snored so loudly that neither of us could sleep! And it wasn’t just normal snoring; it was the kind of snoring that sounds like a train’s honking, or a pig being tickled to death. We spent all night stuffing our faces in the pillows to stifle our laughter so we wouldn’t wake poor Miss Suzy. Ever since that fateful night of bonding, Chaela and I have been best friends, and have spent so many more nights staying up, talking, and laughing. I know there will be many more to come too!

It was hard for me to find a picture of Chaela for this post, because she is usually the person who takes the pictures. Chaela probably has the most common sense of everyone I know. I’d have probably accidently killed myself by now if it wasn’t for her. Chaela’s favorite movie is Die Hard. When you’re thinking how much fun a crowded party is, she is thinking how easy it’d be for a mass murderer to take everyone out. I’ve always thought Chaela would make a great police officer! Chaela loves coloring in her My Little Pony coloring book, baking cookie cakes, and listening to the Jonas Brothers, One Direction, and All Time Low. If you try to play Avett Brothers around her, she will scream and plug her ears until you turn it off. Chaela loves style and being girly sometimes, but she is also outdoorsy and tough. She has worked the snack bar at a boyscout camp for the past two summers. Chaela is an extremely passionate person. I wish I could care about things in life the way she does. Chaela loves doing special things for other people. I will never forget the Christmas a few years back when she bought me raspberries! Chaela is a leader, planner, observer, and Australia lover.

I love to do pretty much anything with Chaela: bake, play dress up, tan, go for long drives, whatever! She is always there for me, and I know she will stick up for me no matter what! In some ways, as far as protectiveness goes, Chaela is like my second father. I talk to her about everything, and she talks to me about everything too! Last year I spent almost everyday with Chaela. Now she is twenty minutes away at Anderson, and even though I see her a good ammount, I wish I could spend all the time with her! No matter how far away from each other life takes us, she will always be my best friend. But here’s hoping we end up living in the same neighborhood, raising our children together, and then going to the same nursing home!

*Editor’s note: Chaela has seen the light and now not only tolerates the Avett Brothers, but actually enjoys some of their music! Also Ruth and Chaela do currently live in the same “neighborhood”, and I think that needs to never ever change because it’s great. Maybe they’ll switch neighborhoods though..


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