Jesus and Goat Cheese


Clemson University is a place full of much more people than I am used to. Day after day I do my best to remember the names of all the new people I meet. All the different faces and names blur together in my mind, and I have difficulty recalling how I know the person calling to me across campus. I have had the “What is your name?” “What is your major?” conversation what seems like thousands of times.

The question usually asked of me once people find out about my Nutrition major is “Well what do you want to do with that?”. And thats when I start my goat cheese spiel… It usually goes something like this:

“Oh, I dunno… I just want to grow a garden and make yogurt… I REALLY want to make goat cheese… ooh! And Pickles! I don’t even like pickles… but making them would be so fun!”

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this now but it’s gotten pretty well rehearsed. I always say it with enthusiasm and hand gestures,and I usually get a few laughs and excited responses from it. Poor Katelyn is probably really sick of hearing it by now. Listening to me talk about my future garden and goat, you would probably think I would be devestated if my goat cheese dream didn’t come true. But I have a secret… I would still be completely happy and content if I found out my future doesn’t include a vineyard or a miniature goat named “Fido”.

My joy doesn’t depend on this dream that I talk about so often. I would be equally happy as a housewife, a nutritionist in a hospital, or a yoga instructor. My joy and happiness depend on Jesus and my relationship with Him, and that relationship is eternal.

But here’s the issue: people wouldn’t know that talking to me. I talk about pickles and goat cheese more often and with more passion that I talk about Jesus. If Jesus is really the center of my life, it should be evident to anyone who talks to me for a length of time. Am I ashamed? Am I scared? Am I selfish? Do I have trouble believing the Lord can use me to reach others? … If I’m honest with myself, all those are atleast a little true. I believe but I need help with my unbelief.  Thankfully, I have hope! Everyday the Lord draws me into a closer relationship with Him and I trust Him more!

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.” Romans 1:16


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