Katelyn, a.k.a Marb, The Roommate


1094810_10201534948040708_1176436609_nKatelyn and I have been going to church together our whole lives. When I was a kid, I wanted to be just like her! About 5 years ago I gave up on that dream… Her spunk and sarcasm are absolutely impossible to copy! The words most people use to describe Katelyn are quiet, shy, and sweet. Most people don’t know Katelyn very well…

One of Katelyn’s favorite activities is to make me mad. She takes pride in doing it, as she is one of the only people who can. One time we argued for an hour about whether to color a My Little Pony’s hair red or purple in a coloring book. Katelyn is stubborn, smart, and sticks up for what she believes in. She never does anything wrong… I just don’t get it! The thought what would Katelyn think” always goes running through my head when I’m about to do something stupid. Katelyn is super dee duper funny! The person who laughs the most at her jokes is herself! She loves to read, walk, and sing The Phantom of The Opera. Give her a wedding magazine and she will be entertained for hours. One of her best friends is her cat KJ (Kathy Junior). Going camping would be her worst nightmare. She has to have her morning coffee and her daily diet coke! If she could eat spagetti everyday for the rest of her life she would. One of the things I’m most excited for in life is to watch Katelyn get a boyfriend, fall in love, get married, all that stuff. Because the guy that marries Katelyn is going to have to work his behind off to win her over and break down her wall!

Katelyn and I like to chill together. When I’m with her I don’t have to worry about coming up with something interesting to say. Our quality time together is spent playing rummy, going for walks, and listening to country music. Our jokes are corny and cheesy. When I tell other people “funny” Ruthie, Katelyn stories, no one laughs. Katelyn is one of the only people I’m completely crazy and uninhibited around. I’m talking roll on the floor, dance in my underwear, do handstands on the walls crazy. We can go from debating who’s cat is cuter to giggling over yo’ momma jokes to discussing God’s soveriegnty and love. Some of the wisest things I have ever heard have come from Katelyn’s mouth, even though I probably didn’t heed the advice she was giving. She helps me out with life, and I help her out in Biology. It’s a give-give relationship.

Marb is a great roommate, and I love her to death! Everyday our friendship grows and I learn more about her… She reminds me of sinking sand. At first glance you think there’s not much to her. But when you stumble into a relationship with her, you realize she is extremely deep, and you drown in love for her.

Editor’s note: Ruth and Katelyn don’t live together currently; it’s sad. But no worries, hopefully we’ll live together real soon, and if not… well, Heaven will come soon!


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